Pink Hair


I recently went to get my nails done and while I was talking to the technician, in walks a tall woman with bright pink hair. She wanted to get her roots touched up. She brought her hair color with her and just wanted the hairdresser to do the job for her. The woman got loads of attention, let me tell you. I’m sure you can imagine. This woman was about 5’10” and with bright pink hair! But, her hair wasn’t outrageously styled. It was a simple to the shoulder, modest style, simple bob kind of cut. She wore a pair of simple khakis and a white t-shirt, nothing flashy or outlandish.

There was something different about this woman that went way beyond her hair. She walked around with confidence and her head up. She wan’t cocky or holding a grudge, didn’t have an attitude. She was pleasant and polite.

When I was done with my nails, I approached her, while she was still in the chair, and asked if I could interrupt her for a moment. She gave me a huge smile and said, “Of course!”

I explained that I just had to compliment her – that she had so much courage to walk around with that beautiful head of pink hair and that she carried it off beautifully. Explained that I admired how she walked around with confidence, style and was an inspiration. She laughed and thanked me. We talked a bit more. She told me she was an artist (makes sense) and that her hair had turned out to be quite the social experiment.

I guess the reason I’m telling you this story to to remind us all that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.


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