The Night

sky-sunset-night-spaceIn the very early morning, some would say it’s still night. I silently creep outside to sit beneath the stars. Quietly I tiptoe to my blanket laid out on the dewy grass. Careful not to make a noise as the sun is so much more beautiful when it wakes on its own.

Sipping coffee from my favorite mug, eyes fixed on the twinkling stars, as soon they’ll go into hiding. Some mornings I tell them my secrets, sometimes they tell me theirs. But there’s no time for that today – seems the sun is anxious to greet me, the stars fade away quickly, silently. Slowly and steadily the black sky fades to gray. The air is changing, feeling heavy as though the night is sad to leave. I’m filled with mixed emotions too – as I bid the night farewell and welcome the morning.

There’s a reddish glow forming in the distance, fire in the sky. Even the clouds are amazed by the sight and are immobile. The stunning sight has made me forget about the night, the stars and their unique beauty. The sky is filled with light now, the night but a memory.

It’s all so unfair – the night comes quietly – the sun gets all the attention. Even the sunset is all about the sun leaving – never about the moon and stars arriving. I gather my blanket, my empty mug, and my memories. The wait for the night to return begins now.


7 thoughts on “The Night

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