Final Justice

It wasn’t until she heard him gasp that she realized he was still alive. What was it going to take to kill this bastard? Maybe she had not mixed enough Wolfsbane in with the tea leaves. She stood over him with her left hand on her hip and the hunting knife in her right hand. She took a deep breath, looked at the knife and thought what a pain in the ass it will be to clean the blood stains off the handle. But, for the $50 cost of the knife, it would be easier to just get rid of it. She tried to remember if she had to give her ID when purchasing it at L.L. Bean in Freeport last month… struggling to remember the conversation with the sales clerk…

“Ma’am, you realize this is a hunting knife? Skinning and dressing large game. It’s a great bargain, many people buy the Buck Pathfinder.” the clerk went on and on. She was starting to wonder if she was caught up in some sort of an infomercial and was waiting for the “special offer” that comes at the end of the sales pitch. Well, it never came.

“Yes, definitely for hunting, I’ll take it.” Little did he know, she was the one being hunted and really just wanted it for protection. The 5-inch blade would allow her to conceal it easily and then defend herself when and if he got too close.  

She almost used her credit card to purchase it, then realized her mistake and grabbed it from the clerk’s hand as he started to turn away.  “I’m sorry! I meant to give you cash.”, she said forcing a chuckle and trying to appear nonchalant. He was slightly taken aback, but smiled and headed to the register with her $100-dollar bill.

The clerk smiled as he handed her the change, the bag and never asked for identification or for her to fill out any sort or registry for purchasing the knife.

She kneelt down down beside him, his eyes wide, questioning. His hand grasping at his stomach.

“What’s the matter, baby? Do you have a tummy ache?”, she asked him though she already knowing the answer.

Then he glared into her eyes and for once she felt no fear or condemnation. Deciding against using the knife, she stepped back, taking a few steps backwards to the chair and decided to let nature take it’s course. Surely, he can’t last much longer. It’s been an hour already… she chose to wait it out, to sit there and watch him suffer… as he did to her so many times before. How many times had he beaten her and then just sat on the side of the bathtub watching as she was forced to clean herself up and listen to how she had forced him to “teach her a lesson”.

Leaning forward, returning the glare she asked him, “who’s the little bitch now, huh babe?”

At that moment he turned his head to the side and began vomiting. The poison was working… and soon she’ll be free of him forever.


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