This isn’t about Republican vs. Democrat.

It’s not about male vs. female, black vs. white.

And it’s definitely not about illegal immigrants.

This is about standing up for what is right, what is just and what is humane. People, with valid visas and green cards, are being barred from entering the United States based on ignorance, bias, discrimination, and fear.

The seven countries affected by this travel ban include: Libya, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, and Somalia.

I have seen many people cheering this ban, stating that they don’t trust muslim refugees, period. Blaming refugees for the terrorist  attacks of 9/11 without realizing that those terrorists were not refugees! Those men were radicals, and might I also add, ignorant fanatics. Additionally, from countries NOT AFFECTED BY THIS TRAVEL BAN.  Why are we not blocking countries that terrorist actually originate from? Let’s not forget either, the home-grown US citizens that have gone rogue.

By lumping all Muslims into the “terrorist” basket, am I also to assume that all white Christian males are KKK?

We must RESIST. We must stand up for what is right. We must continue to try and educate the ignorant and to open their eyes. Invite them to see the entire, big picture.  Tunnel-vision has taken over and we are missing so much of the beauty that our diversity has to offer. Blind, misguided hate is destroying they very foundation of our democracy.

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As she lay beside him watching him sleep, her right hand resting on his bare chest, rising and falling with each breath.  His body felt so warm, just being able to touch him brought immersurable comfort to her troubled soul.  She wondered how he would react to the news she had to tell him today. She’s been stalling in telling him that she finally got the biopsy results back. He stopped asking if she’d heard back from the doctor three days ago, because each time he asked it made her cry.  She’d put it off for two days now…today she’d tell him, over breakfast. She’d make his favorite.. banana walnut waffles with a fried egg over medium.

She slipped out of bed and made her way to the kitchen. Pulling out the ingredients from the pantry: flour, baking powder, sugar… grabbed the eggs and milk from the fridge. Set everything on the counter and turned around to open the blinds over the kitchen sink… the sky was dark, thick heavy clouds. Thunder storms are rolling in. Hmmm… the news can wait until tomorrow… she wants to enjoy this day of cuddle weather with her man.


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Mysteries of the Universe

Mysteries of the Universe

Love, Friendship, and sincerity… three of the most baffling mysteries of the universe.

These three things are not tangible, merely words, or feelings, thoughts… you can’t touch it and honestly, can’t be certain if what you’re feeling, when you think you are feeling it is really true.  People can tell you that they love you, or that you are their cherished friend. But words without action – lack sincerity. Even sincereity  is not tangible. How we perceive someone’s words or action are also dependent on our own wants and needs – and even those are always fluid.

Daily Word Prompt: Sincere

The Books


Sitting in my office and staring at the piles of books, I quietly contemplate how I will rearrange them…once again.

This is how I cope… when darkness hits… this is something that I can control… the arrangement of my books.

They’ve been arranged by color, height, alphabetically, and subject matter.  Hmmm, but today… what shall I do with them?

In the garage I found a few empty boxes… carefully stacking all the books I can fit into these boxes, because today I can’t even cope with rearranging the books.


Daily Word Challenge: Rearrange

Hiding in the smoke…

As I sit here I am without emotion but slightly concerned about what my future holds. Each day that I rise is a risk – a risk I take willingly but a risk nonetheless. I know the demons are watching me, hiding in the smoke filled rooms, waiting to pounce. I need to stay alert because on some days they actually trick me into believing their lies.



Daily Word Challenge: Smoke

From Death to Life


The day started out as any other typical day, rising before dawn. Insomnia was the worst… but all the quiet time, alone with my thoughts time, gave me the solitude I needed to plan my escape.  I really needed a cup of coffee, but don’t bother with that fearing the noise would wake him.  So I poured myself a glass of OJ and quickly asked myself if 2:00 a.m. is really considered morning or can it still be referred to as night so I could add a bit of vodka.  What the hell, a splash of vodka wouldn’t kill me.  Besides. it really enhanced the taste of the pulpy OJ.

Gazed out the window looking for stars… tried to tell myself that I had only one option and I must execute that option.  All the planning I’d done led me to this day and it was time. That carefree, happy girl had been transformed to this scared, brow-beaten woman by his constant complaining and ridicule.  One of us had to die, and I knew it had to be him.

By nightfall, it was all over. He was dead. My long brunette locks had been chopped off and my short and sassy haircut dyed an ashy blonde. He would have hated that hairstyle and color, and that knowledge gave me great pleasure. Things would change now, for the better.

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