Where I Stand…

I stand. As long as I’m able, I will always stand. Not only do I stand, but I also get choked up every time I hear the National Anthem. EVERY. DAMN. TIME.

However, I have no problem with people taking a knee. Just as it’s my right to stand, it’s theirs to kneel.

Colin Kaepernick taking a knee was his silent protest that “Black Lives Matter”, that’s when people began to see kneeling as a negative stance. When in reality, kneeling is a position of reverence, submission, and respect. You kneel before a King or your God.

The NFL kneeling this week has nothing to do with the National Anthem or submission to a deity. It has EVERYTHING to do with standing up to a narcissistic bully.

These past few months it has become so much more obvious and people have become much more intolerant of respecting people’s differences… difference of opinions, of religions, of race or sexual orientation.

This country was respected, people around the world dreamt of coming to America to build better and more fulfilling lives for themselves and their families… look at as now… we can’t even respect each other’s difference. We judge people based on hair color, tattoos, music choices, clothing, vehicles, etc.  And sadly, the biggest dividers… religion, race, and sexual orientation.

It needs to stop…

I stand… feel free to kneel beside me.




As she lay beside him watching him sleep, her right hand resting on his bare chest, rising and falling with each breath.  His body felt so warm, just being able to touch him brought immersurable comfort to her troubled soul.  She wondered how he would react to the news she had to tell him today. She’s been stalling in telling him that she finally got the biopsy results back. He stopped asking if she’d heard back from the doctor three days ago, because each time he asked it made her cry.  She’d put it off for two days now…today she’d tell him, over breakfast. She’d make his favorite.. banana walnut waffles with a fried egg over medium.

She slipped out of bed and made her way to the kitchen. Pulling out the ingredients from the pantry: flour, baking powder, sugar… grabbed the eggs and milk from the fridge. Set everything on the counter and turned around to open the blinds over the kitchen sink… the sky was dark, thick heavy clouds. Thunder storms are rolling in. Hmmm… the news can wait until tomorrow… she wants to enjoy this day of cuddle weather with her man.


The Daily Post: Second Thoughts

Mysteries of the Universe

Mysteries of the Universe

Love, Friendship, and sincerity… three of the most baffling mysteries of the universe.

These three things are not tangible, merely words, or feelings, thoughts… you can’t touch it and honestly, can’t be certain if what you’re feeling, when you think you are feeling it is really true.  People can tell you that they love you, or that you are their cherished friend. But words without action – lack sincerity. Even sincereity  is not tangible. How we perceive someone’s words or action are also dependent on our own wants and needs – and even those are always fluid.

Daily Word Prompt: Sincere

The Books


Sitting in my office and staring at the piles of books, I quietly contemplate how I will rearrange them…once again.

This is how I cope… when darkness hits… this is something that I can control… the arrangement of my books.

They’ve been arranged by color, height, alphabetically, and subject matter.  Hmmm, but today… what shall I do with them?

In the garage I found a few empty boxes… carefully stacking all the books I can fit into these boxes, because today I can’t even cope with rearranging the books.


Daily Word Challenge: Rearrange

Hiding in the smoke…

As I sit here I am without emotion but slightly concerned about what my future holds. Each day that I rise is a risk – a risk I take willingly but a risk nonetheless. I know the demons are watching me, hiding in the smoke filled rooms, waiting to pounce. I need to stay alert because on some days they actually trick me into believing their lies.



Daily Word Challenge: Smoke

The Night

sky-sunset-night-spaceIn the very early morning, some would say it’s still night. I silently creep outside to sit beneath the stars. Quietly I tiptoe to my blanket laid out on the dewy grass. Careful not to make a noise as the sun is so much more beautiful when it wakes on its own.

Sipping coffee from my favorite mug, eyes fixed on the twinkling stars, as soon they’ll go into hiding. Some mornings I tell them my secrets, sometimes they tell me theirs. But there’s no time for that today – seems the sun is anxious to greet me, the stars fade away quickly, silently. Slowly and steadily the black sky fades to gray. The air is changing, feeling heavy as though the night is sad to leave. I’m filled with mixed emotions too – as I bid the night farewell and welcome the morning.

There’s a reddish glow forming in the distance, fire in the sky. Even the clouds are amazed by the sight and are immobile. The stunning sight has made me forget about the night, the stars and their unique beauty. The sky is filled with light now, the night but a memory.

It’s all so unfair – the night comes quietly – the sun gets all the attention. Even the sunset is all about the sun leaving – never about the moon and stars arriving. I gather my blanket, my empty mug, and my memories. The wait for the night to return begins now.

Pink Hair


I recently went to get my nails done and while I was talking to the technician, in walks a tall woman with bright pink hair. She wanted to get her roots touched up. She brought her hair color with her and just wanted the hairdresser to do the job for her. The woman got loads of attention, let me tell you. I’m sure you can imagine. This woman was about 5’10” and with bright pink hair! But, her hair wasn’t outrageously styled. It was a simple to the shoulder, modest style, simple bob kind of cut. She wore a pair of simple khakis and a white t-shirt, nothing flashy or outlandish.

There was something different about this woman that went way beyond her hair. She walked around with confidence and her head up. She wan’t cocky or holding a grudge, didn’t have an attitude. She was pleasant and polite.

When I was done with my nails, I approached her, while she was still in the chair, and asked if I could interrupt her for a moment. She gave me a huge smile and said, “Of course!”

I explained that I just had to compliment her – that she had so much courage to walk around with that beautiful head of pink hair and that she carried it off beautifully. Explained that I admired how she walked around with confidence, style and was an inspiration. She laughed and thanked me. We talked a bit more. She told me she was an artist (makes sense) and that her hair had turned out to be quite the social experiment.

I guess the reason I’m telling you this story to to remind us all that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.